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About To Repair & Service Industry Portal - Technician Management System

This web application is designed to help service providers to serve better and fast, efficiently. All grooming, repairing and maintenance services start with a query or complaint. Starting with complaint generation, this app further handles entire procedure effectually to save resources and provide quick service. Complaint message will create an SMS alert and also lists it with a complaint number. Offering multiple logins, it also manages service details from technician side.

The technician will receive a hard copy of the order with complain number and complain details from the office manually, will visit the site, resolve the problem and will take the sign of client on that copy. Once problem resolved, he will upload resolved status and complaint will automatically remove from the site. He will submit a signed copy to the authorized person. This smart App also contains great features including service reminder and birthday reminder. It is useful for maintaining the history and details of Annual Maintenance Contract.

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No other person than authority can use this software. This software contains a security portion to prevent its misuse.

Payment Gateway

An easy payment gateway facilitates for clients to avail trouble-free and quick service.


  • List of complaint with Status & Priority
  • Multi options to Add complaint note
  • Order generation with complaint details
  • Work Estimate,
  • Capture photo, View Comments
  • Technician total Working hours report (Today, Last week, Current Month)
  • Technician tracking System
  • Company's Customer list
  • Photo Gallery, Customer's multiple locations, Customer own History, Forms & Customer's details


  • Service provider
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers


It’s all about the peace of mind to handle the entire query handling process. I think it is the most efficient system to handle all processes altogether. It is working without failure. Good automation.
-- Pradeep Kulkarni

Thanks, Global to make the efficient CRM for me. It is made very simple for me to manage my servicing staff. It’s running well. My customers are also happy. Thank you, Global.
-- Abbas Khan

Global has done good work. Thanks to train my service technicians. Now they use this software nicely. It helps us in achieving our targets. Customers are also happy with service.
-- Kaushal Sharma