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About To Facebook Auto Poster

Do you feel it fiddly to stand apart from the crowd on Facebook? Do you sparing your valuable time keeping your customers engaged in your products and services or generating new ways to reach out exactly there where your potential customers are.

Why to waste your precious time doing boring work when you can get your work done on auto mode? There is an easy and fast way that can give a new turn to your facebook marketing.

Smart automation
Apart from spending lots of time on managing your facebook profile and on engaging your target audience on facebook, enjoy smart automation of Facebook Group auto poster that helps you get your business off the ground with more shares, interaction and higher ranking.

Smart, multiple ways!
Facebook Auto poster is an easy and fast way to give a new turn to your facebook marketing. It joins Facebook groups and posts to all joined Facebook groups automatically. With this smart software, you can post on multiple facebook groups even while you sleep.

Search groups
Also you can have a search option in software just like any browser offers you and you can search groups that relate to your intention, products or services.

Join groups safely
It will join groups on behalf of you and add it into the list to post. It is designed to identify open and closed groups.

You can post to multiple Facebook groups and pages at once. You can schedule posts, auto join groups, add all friends to your group, post to friends wall and auto add friends.

Once you schedule a post, you can close the window and can shut down your computer, and the app will post to selected groups and pages at the scheduled time automatically.

With the Facebook Group auto poster you can start posting on your facebook account with precise automation and can automate your Profile, Page and Group Posting!

This amazing software is designed to help you reduce the cost and save your valuable time you are spending in engaging your target audience on facebook. Enjoy the feel of being active on your facebook account and attract the potential audience, also when you are not online. It is designed to save time, money and energy on group posting and to generate traffic.

You just have to log in, connect your FB account and start posting.


The dashboard offers you different options to manage settings, publishing, insights, users and page for join groups.


Here you can have access to see and manage status for general Settings, publish settings, facebook accounts, facebook apps, App settings, roles, modules manager and update.


Here you can see saved posts, scheduled posts and schedule Logs.


You can have deep INSIGHT for all the posts of today, last 7 days, last 30 days and all time. You can have date wise detailed report to know the total numbers of posts in form of table as well as graph for success, fail and total processed posts.

Like report for publishing, you can have detailed report for all time status for join groups

Here you can know about Total FB accounts, total groups, total pages, saved posts and scheduled posts.

Here you can have detailed report about posts per day, facebook accounts, join group request per day, upload images, upload videos, upload usages




Post now or schedule
You can post your message to groups live on your computer or schedule it to be posted automatically.

Schedule posts
Do you know the right time to post on your facebook page with respect to maximum response rate? Now it is not obligatory to engage with your device to post to different groups or pages on that particular time. Just schedule the post and choose the time interval you require between two posts to different groups. Suppose you have chosen 120 seconds time interval, software will do its work and post it again and again to different groups with exact, given time interval. This way you can also keep record in which group you have posted.

Auto repeat
Auto poster also helps you plan your post to be reflected on specific time with auto repeat option. You can choose the time as every month, every week, alternate day and so on.

Schedule Reports
Attain complete schedule reports and status of post engagement on email; also see it on the software.

Post to multiple groups, set intervals
You can post to multiple facebook groups at once. Make a post and schedule the time for posting. Auto poster software will manage the rest. With it, you can also post to groups you are a member along with the groups you administer. You can post more than one facebook pages.

Categorize groups
On the way of marketing, it is crucial to choose right audience and if it is about facebook posting, perfect timing is also equivalently important as to plan your posting schedule. This software smartly works to categorize your groups and to select proper message to be conveyed to belonging audience only!

Save to draft
You can save your work for making post and can schedule it at the time you want to post. You can also save unfinished work and can finish it as per your convenience.

Safe and secure
Aggressive approach to posting on social media can lead ban to your page. Your posts can get spam or your page can be banned as per policy of facebook admins. But here you have not to worry about banning or spamming as this Auto Poster is built focusing security, deeply.

Post insight and statistics
To track your work is one of the most vital things to shape out your marketing strategy, but on the contrary it is very time consuming task to make analysis of followers’ response and interaction. To check statistics to know visitors response every day and derive any firm conclusion is near to impossible for you. Auto poster software offers you the progress of your page or of a single post with statistics. This statistics help you understand response to your post. You can mull over your strategy and drive it as per liking of your audience.

Post to facebook pages
This smart auto poster allows you post on multiple facebook pages. Your planned post will be posted on the facebook pages you are running as well as Facebook pages you liked. This way you can make reach your marketing content and information about your products or services to multiple pages and get the lots of likes and comments.

Unlimited traffic
We know, engage right audience and gain appropriate identity to your business could not happen overnight on social media. Auto poster helps you get more valuable traffic to your facebook page by make reach your post to more than one facebook page and relieve you from the time consuming process of managing facebook account.

User friendly
You don't need technical knowledge to start using the Auto poster software. It is user friendly software made to perk up your intention to be on facebook.


  • Travel companies
  • Tour operators
  • Educational institutes
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Service providers
  • NGO
  • Insurance companies
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Real estate companies
  • Salons, spas & beauty parlors
  • Hotels


It is such an amazing software with that I am enjoying saving my time. It has taken my stress away for handling the marketing of my business on facebook. I am thankful to GLOBAL staff for their thorough support.
-- Purvi Khanna

Streamline my marketing strategy is not now a matter of tension any more for me with GLOBAL’s facbook Auto Poster. Thanks for its user-friendly interface and also your great customer support.
-- Vikas Desai