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About To Clinic Management System (Clinic Management Software)

This is sophisticated system software useful to many types of health centers and medium to large size health service providing hospitals. This is user-friendly software provided with OPD modules. With feature of multiple logs in, it provides authority access to log in the system to doctors and staff of varied department in hospital. It is fully integrated health centre management software that puts entire process at the centre on automation.

Five log in facility is for the following department.

  • Reception
  • Clinic
  • Treatment
  • Medicine
  • Account

First of all a software book the appointment by two means, phone or personally. To book appointment by software facilitates you to get alert before the date and time to make remind patient as well as respected doctor or person at clinic for the same.

When patient come first time at the reception, authority person enter every detail about him or her. A photo of patient is taken by webcam for the patient history.

Once patients details with photo uploaded on software on reception, it will reflect in an entire system and persons at all the departments can see it. This facilitates them to prepare for the subsequent consultation or treatment. As per the given details by patient, the commission amount of a referral person is counted in percentage (%) and updated in the software.

From reception patient is sent to the clinic or treatment department as per his/her case history. Consultant at clinic can generate a quotation for treatment. Scheduling of treatment sessions is managed by software. Medicine given at clinic department is automatically updated for stock management. An alert for updating stock is given by software on defined limit of stock.

An alert is also generated for sending a reminder to patient on the previous date of the subsequent session. Confirmation of patient is updated and the doctor can know the status of the patients coming on present day.

There is automation included in this clinical software is the percentage (&) of the profit to an individual at the reception, doctor and to manager.

Software also keeps the case history of patient with the treatment details. Photos of patient is taken and updated at every session to facilitate patient to know about the improvement.

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  • handles patient’s profile
  • manage patient’s history
  • Built in backup and restore facilities
  • Stock management
  • Medicine management
  • real time report
  • multiple log in
  • highly secure
  • Two Ways Synchronization
  • Easy to use patient visit details
  • patient records management with photos
  • commission in percentage for reference
  • doctors and staff commission in percentage
  • Alert for appointment
  • Alert for updating stock


  • General Practitioners
  • Surgeons,
  • Small to big hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Physicians.