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Complain Management System for Electronic ShowroomElectronic Shop Management Software & Electronic Showroom Management System

This is a user-friendly mobile app specially designed to offer quick and efficient repair and maintenance services for air conditioners. The function of this smart app starts with complain management.

Complain will be received on the app and it will pass on to the technician in the field. It would decide from the admin part that to which technician the complaint will be passing on. Among a group of technician one who is nearby, the location will receive the complaint through SMS or notification.

The message will give complete information about the client and the type of complaint along with address and other customer details to the technician.

The technician will attend the client and update the status of service he offered as a feedback.

Feedback will indicate the satisfactory work done and will remove the complaint from the list.

App also works with map tracking. Location of the technician will reflect on the map and this map tracking system helps to allocate the complaint to the right technician, near the location.

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No other person than authority can use this android app. This app contains a security portion to prevent misuse of software.

Payment Gateway

An easy payment gateway facilitates the client to avail trouble-free and quick service for air conditioners.


  • List of complaint with Status & Priority
  • Technician total Working hours report (Today, Last week, Current Month)
  • Technician tracking System
  • Seamless booking
  • Easy scheduling
  • Real-time updates
  • Transparent system
  • Safe and secure
  • SMS alert
  • Easy payment gateway


  • AC repair service
  • All types of repairing service provider