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About To CRM for Retailer - Retail CRM Software

It is not only about how technology can smoothen our way to administer workflow or how we can maintain and grow the customer relationship, but it is about how we can take commercial advantage of this current technology to favor the development at the organization and how to achieve the business goals.

This is about a smart CRM offered with a great range of features and modules customized for your organization and assurance of effectual customer relationship management. It is developed to manage sales prospects. To locate and contact customers are very easy as it offers wise integration of postcode and contact numbers. It manages the sales process from point of inquiry to closing the deal.

This Retail CRM Software is about to manage new enquires and general interaction with clients. It is all about what particular features or CRM solutions your organization needs.

This CRM contains DASHBOARD to offer overview of recent status of your required business fields. It reflects current status of total clients(join last month), today’s inquiry(total inquiry), pending follow-ups(deal close after follow up), today’s B’day and anniversary(yesterday’s B’day and anniversary) and today’s festival(with send message button to direct send message). From dashboard you can switch to other pages.

On the REMINDER page there are three sections.

  • Today’s birthday
  • Today’s Anniversary
  • Today’s festival

The reminder page will reflect client’s name with all information whose special day is on present day.

All three sections are designed to provide all the information about clients where you can trace the name, mobile number and Email address of clients. In case of birth date it will show the age of client whilst in birthday section, you can find years, completed since the date. All three sections show area or location of the client.

There is a selection box to select number of clients to send them your wish message in one go.

These client details are followed by two boxes, one for SMS and one for Email, each to write your message wishing client for his/her special day. Message boxes are followed with buttons to send your message for SMS or Email. You can browse it from your file or drive.


The product page of this CRM software hands over access to add products or sub products and update the status of the categories. You can also edit and delete the information already you have uploaded. It is developed to add, maintain or delete the products to the page with an ease.

Page is developed considering possible errors made by person. The mandatory area will prevent you from adding information wrong way and direct you to add it with proper direction. You can add product name that is followed by sub product names up to three sub products. You are directed to add next product and on adding last product there is finish button to show you the final entry you have done.


Inquiry page is designed such a way that a person, not knowing the process would also enter his/her details with easy and fast way. It includes boxes for all details of clients including date of birth, date of anniversary and Email ID.

The status box of inquiry form displays three options like follow up, close or inquiry.

It contains product and sub product display boxes to make a selection for required products.

Client List

Client list is simple display of client’s details encompassing name, mobile, Email, status and area. Like reminder page it contains two message boxes, one for SMS and one for Email. With a button given below the boxes, you can send SMS or Email in bulk to your customers. Page also displays balance for the promotional and transactional messages.


Database page of CRM software is nothing but the area wise display of client’s details with count of mobile numbers of clients. There is an ADD button to add the details of client. You can also send SMS to bulk clients with given selection with selection of area. It will display the total numbers of clients who are sent SMS.

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  • Competitive prices
  • ERP integration
  • Email marketing integration
  • manage customer opportunity for sales
  • sales forecast
  • responsive CRM
  • mobile work force automation
  • sales analytics
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Email integration
  • Tailored home screen
  • Contact management
  • Good quality lead
  • Lead management
  • Reports
  • Real time data upload
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Files synchronization
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Trace problem area
  • Security measures
  • Improved customer experience


  • All size businesses
  • Location based services
  • Call centers